About Us


MJM Feel Safe Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. is a dynamically developing company servicing Contractors both in Poland and in other European countries. Carrying out its mission for 20 years, thanks to acquired knowledge and experience, constantly strives for continuous development. Thanks to commitment and hard work, it has become one of the leading companies in the industry. As a professional partner, it seeks and implements optimal logistics solutions in the supply chain of personal protective equipment.

The headquarters and central warehouse are located in Bydgoszcz. The MJM team consists of over 50 qualified employees who support the company’s clients in their daily work. All products on offer have been selected and verified in terms of the quality of certificates.


Based on many years of experience, we want to be a valued supplier ensuring the highest quality of services. Security is our priority, and through individual approach we provide the best-suited tools to users. Partnership, mutual trust and understanding are the basis for us in everyday contact with the client.


Long-term cooperation with leading PPE brands has allowed us to create a wide product catalog that guarantees optimal selection of the range in terms of both quality and price for all industries. Expanding our offer, we introduce modern tools – consignment warehouses, vending machines, B2B platforms – thanks to which you gain savings, ongoing control and transparency in the supply chain of protective products. Speed ​​and flexibility in decision making ensure effective project management, which translates into measurable benefits in a short time. Stable financial situation guarantees continuity of deliveries, thanks to maintaining safe inventory. Drawing on the assumptions of the Kaizen philosophy, we try to improve our processes, which allows us to carry out the entrusted tasks even faster and more precisely. Confirming our quality with an ISO certificate, we provide data security and clear and repeatable processes. By focusing on long-term relationships in cooperation, we guarantee confidence, trust and stability in business.


Our company is growing thanks to our employees. Their commitment, diligence and competence allow them to successfully implement even the most difficult projects. The desire to develop and continuous improvement of qualifications constitute a solid basis for further implementation of our mission. Past results and a good image of the company would not have been possible without cooperation, mutual support and good relations.

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