The machine alone does not solve the problem.

Imagine that you are leading a group of 50 workers, which you have to equip with protective gloves during the start of a shift, in 30 minutes.
Employees come in for their shift at 21:30 with an obligation to start work at 22:00. You have equipped the company with a vending machine so you assume that everyone will choose the gloves and the shift will start at the scheduled time.
But something is wrong … there are queues at the machine, and the shift starts at 22:15 … where is the problem?

Actually, the workers came to work at 21:30; however when they approached the machine at 21:50 there are about 50 people waiting.
The process of selecting a pair of gloves takes approximately 25-30 seconds, which is 25 minutes. Therefore, the supply process will end at 22:15.

Your vending machine supplier suggests buying or leasing another machine because you misjudged the demand and peaks in machine performance. Some sizes or products are missing from the machine, and your supplier will charge you additional charges.
Instead of saving and comfort, the entire project has become a problem and an additional cost, workers are frustrated and do not want to use the machine. The above situation often occurs in the absence or inadequate data management.
The vending system is not only a vending machine, but also infrastructure and software.

Merchandising with MJM Feel Safe

Years of experience, projects and hundreds of vending machines have resulted in the implementation of merchandising processes during the implementation of the Smart Depot system.

Implementation of the vending system and optimisation process

After starting the project, we optimise our machines and shorten the time of selecting a product to an average of eight seconds per employee. We examine the behavior of the client’s employees, wear, products and their rotation, and we translate the acquired knowledge into appropriate parameterisation of said machines, increasing their efficiency.

Our analysts use Smart Depot BI tools on an on-going basis, ensuring that the performance of the machines is optimal, through the appropriate selection of products and sizes. Each machine is subject to this process, no matter if you have one machine or 15. Every customer is important to us; therefore, these services are free and are part of our SmartDepot project.

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