Smart Depot is the best solution for the automatic and controlled dispensing health and safety articles. It enables the distribution of Personal Protective Equipment using an IT system and the simultaneous management of quotas and download limits.

The entire range of the vending system consists of drum vending machines, most often used for health and safety, as well as drawer (tool) and cabinet (larger dimensions) systems. All these solutions can be controlled by one common system, giving our contractors even more possibilities.

Smart Depot is an ideal solution for companies that seek to optimise PPE costs using the latest logistics tools.

up to 702 locations with full access control
24/7 availability of items
easy and quick user identification
reliability and continuity of work
autonomous operating system
automatic ordering
intuitive article download

Smart Depot® provides:

quick employee identification

The user logs in using a card, fingerprint scanner or PIN and selects the operation he or she wants to perform.

intuitive article downloads

The location where the article is located is highlighted and unlocked. The user can download, return or complete the exact number of articles that was previously indicated.

current control

The reporting module is available only to administrators. It allows you to view real-time pickup/return operations and the status of articles on your device.

Test for free

You can take advantage of free vending tests. This enables users to better understand the vending operating system and to pre-determine the level of long-term savings. Free tests are an ideal solution in the event of doubts regarding the launch of a vending system and a great solution to start saving in the short term.

Current control

Current cost control is the biggest advantage of vending machines. We can achieve savings of up to 30% by introducing limits on the downloads of articles by employees. The ability to personalise downloaded items also reduces the number of products issued. Smart Depot software enables current tracking of the consumption of distributed health and safety articles. Thanks to this, we know who, where and when the article was downloaded. The ability to assign a group, cost centre gives us the additional opportunity to analyse costs. Differentiated download reports are generated automatically or can be manually called by the administrator.

Start saving

Distribution of Personal Protective Equipment using vending machines means savings of up to 30%. Another instrument to increase customer benefits is the lack of freezing of funds - no fixed health and safety costs. Items in the machine or on the consignment warehouse are at the expense of MJM. The customer is only billed for the funds collected based on periodic reports. Appropriate configuration of machines, supported by our experience gives the possibility of ongoing, continuous improvement of machine settings in order to increase its efficiency in saving in your company.
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